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Steal His Style: Sean Bean

He’s brooding, intense and volatile at times- and not just on TV. The Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings star, Sean Bean is the rugged manly man every guy wants to be and every woman swoons over. It isn’t just his intense eyes and unshaved face, either. His style is something everyone appreciates. So how can you dress more like this leading man? The following is a little information on Sean and a few tips for dressing just like him.


Sean Bean: A Background

Sean Bean was born in Sheffield, England on April 17, 1959. While at first he began his life considering a career in welding with his father, he later changed his mind when he discovered his love of acting at Rotherham College. After appearing in a few different performances, he earned a scholarship and began attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Upon graduating, he appeared in several theatre productions in London, some television shows and several movies.

On the big screen, he’s played brutal, heartless men, starring opposite big-name stars like Harrison Ford in the Patriot Games. He’s also played a double agent in the James Bond movie Golden Eye, Boromir in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and Odysseus in Troy. He also played the god Zeus in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. He’s had several television roles as well, most recently as Ned Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones.


While he’s found a lot of luck in his career, Sean hasn’t been so lucky when it comes to love. He’s been married and divorced four different times. His first wife was his secondary school love, Debra James. The marriage lasted seven years. He then married Melanie Hall and had two children, Lorna and Molly during their marriage which also lasted seven years. In 1997 he married Abigail Cruttenden and had another daughter, Evie in 1998.

After divorcing Abigail in 2000, Bean stayed single for quite some time. In 2006, he began dating Georgina Sutcliffe, whom he married in 2008 in London. Their divorce was finalised in 2010. In 2014, he announced his engagement to 29-year old girlfriend Ashley Moore.


Five Things Sean Bean Can Teach You

Looking for style tips from Sean Bean? His life and attire can tell you a lot about how to be a stylish, sophisticated and well-dressed man. Here’s what you need to know.


Be Yourself- With his attendance at the Royal Shakespeare Company and RADA, it would be easy for Sean to soften or even lose his accent over the years to fit certain roles. It’s what other actors from England have done to fit into Hollywood and broaden their movie abilities. Sean hasn’t though. Directors know that when they hire him, they are getting a lad that grew up in Yorkshire, and that’s he’s never going to change.

In everything you do, take a hint from Bean. Stay committed to who you are, even when you dress. Even the dressiest suits or the most casual tweed jackets don’t have to take away from your personal style. They can feature the little quirks, colours and patterns that make you unique without detracting from their overall look.


Know What Looks Good- If you’ve seen Sean Bean on the red carpet, you know that most of his appearances feature one thing: a stylish and perfectly pressed two-piece suit. It isn’t that Sean doesn’t know how to dress in anything. He simply knows what he looks good in, and he sticks to it. It’s never boring either.

When choosing suits, tweed jackets and more to wear on a daily basis, forget the trends. Stick to the classics and do what makes you look good in every situation. You won’t regret it.


Keep Accessories Simple- When you see Sean Bean wearing a two-piece suit on the red carpet, there’s nothing that draws your eyes away from the clean lines of the suit or the ruggedness of his face. This is because Sean knows the importance of keeping accessories to the minimum. He pairs his suits with watches, a subtle tie and occasionally a piece of men’s jewellery. However, he typically uses little else to make his outfit shine.


Accept Your Age- Already in his late 50s, Sean has developed quite a craggy face. That doesn’t mean he’s looking to change it, however. He’s comfortable in his own skin and willingly accepts every line and wrinkle that comes with age. His no-nonsense attitude has attributed to his success in several films and the landing of several roles. It also made him the second sexiest man of 2004. Confidence in his looks, his acting abilities and his style ooze out of every pore.


Know Your Fit- When it comes to style, Sean Bean looks good in anything he wears. From jeans to men’s tweed jackets to suits, he steals the stage. So how does he do it? By remembering the one thing every man should always remember. Fit is everything.

When you choose a men’s suit, jacket or shirt, making sure it fits your body appropriately is essential. It needs to flatter your figure and give you the look and silhouette you’re looking for. For the best results, find a tailor you can trust and take each new piece of menswear to him when you purchase it. Have him adjust the shoulders, sleeve length and length in each new tweed jacket and shirt you purchase. When it comes to trousers, jeans and chinos, have your tailor adjust the inseam to fit correctly, the length of the trousers and the waist.

Sean Bean inspires men everywhere to be confident in how they look, how they dress and how they act. Whether you love him from his roles on Game of Thrones or in Lord of the Rings, or simply enjoy the way he dresses on the red carpet, there’s something he can teach you about your style. Be who you are, dress the way you want, and remember that fit is everything.

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