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Steal His Style: Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah has made a name for himself over the last twelve years, delivering a unique and sought-after sound as well as an impeccable sense of style. While most commonly known as a rapper, the 27-year old singer is also a songwriter and record producer. With the help of his cousin, he also created his own independent label, Disturbing London Records, which helped launch him into his current success. His albums aren’t the only thing that have garnered attention from his fans, however. The man also known how to dress- and dress well.

Interested in know what Tinie’s secrets to style are? Here’s a little more information about this well-dressed rapper and how to dress like him.


Personal Life

Tinie Tempah was born in London, England to Nigerian parents on November 7, 1988. His full name is Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu. He developed his own stage name at the age of 12 after watching “21 Seconds,” a music video for So Solid Crew. Using a thesaurus, he looked up the word angry and found the word “temper.” Adjusting this word slightly and adding the word “tinie” at the beginning, he had a name that would soon come to be known around the world.

Throughout his childhood, Tempah achieved excellent grades at school. He attended St. Paul’s Catholic School, earning A levels in religious studies, psychology and media studies. He then attended St. Francis Xavier Sixth Form College. While his parents weren’t well off, he enjoyed living and studying in London. According to the rapper, the ability to see beautiful homes right across the street from where he lived was an inspiration for moving forward and making the best out of his life.



Tinie’s career started in 2005 with Aftershock Records. It was with this recording studio that he created his first mixtape called “Chapter 1: Verse 22.” He went on to create other songs that gained recognition, including Tears and Wifey. Two years later, however, he had a falling out with the record label and decided to head out on his own. With the help of his cousin, Disturbing London was born. Tempah used the label as a way to get his music out in the world, but also made it possible for other young artists to sign on and create their own records.

Disturbing London helped launch Tinie into success, but it was a performance in 2009 that really sealed the deal. At the Wireless Festival, a music scout saw Tempah on stage and the crowd that had gathered to hear him sing. She immediately phoned Parlophone Records and spoke to the president about the young man’s talent. Late that year, Tempah signed on with Parlophone. Tempah went on to release several hit singles, including “Pass Out,” “Frisky” and “Written in the Stars.” He has toured with several big-name singers, including Rhianna, Chipmunk, Pixie Lott and Tinchy Stryder.


A Stylish Man in Music

While his music success can be contributed to his talent and strong will to succeed, Tempah has become an icon for his style as well. In fact, the Telegraph has called him one of the most stylish men in music. While most of his style is what he has deemed “street cool,” the man also knows how to attend a formal event in the right attire. What’s his secret? Here are a few tips on how to dress like this celebrity.


  • Always Get the Fit Right- Most stylish men, including Tempah, will tell you that if the fit is off, the entire outfit is ruined. Even the nicest looking suits, chinos and tweed jackets can look slovenly if the shape is wrong for your body. Always visit a tailor after making a clothing purchase; a professional can help you determine how to create a silhouette for you, instead of for your suit.


  • Know Which Trends to Avoid- Tempah commented once in an interview that he’s seen many men succumb to the trend of wearing UGGs. Despite the fact that they seem to be everywhere, Tempah knows a trend that will fade when he sees one. Take a cue from this rapper; don’t give into trends. While some may last- otherwise we wouldn’t have pieces we’ve now deemed classics- others will be out of style next year.


  • Be Confident- Even if you purchase the most stylish and power-ready men’s suits, you aren’t going to be successful with the look if you aren’t confident in yourself. Tempah once said in an interview that his mum purchased a baggy velour tracksuit for him. He knew it wasn’t cool, even though they were currently in style, but he wore it anyway, simply because his mum bought it for him. Despite his misgivings on the tracksuit, he pulled off the look because he was confident in himself.


  • Wear a Watch- Tinie is a big fan of watches- the traditional kind. In his eyes, watches complete an ensemble, adding to the distinction of a men’s suit or even a men’s tweed jacket. They are make it possible to check the time politely when you’re with company. While your smartphone may give you the time, taking it out when others are talking is a definite breach in etiquette.


  • Express Yourself- Fashion is all about you and your personality. Don’t make it about someone else’s. Choose cuts, colours, patterns and clothing items that meet your specific needs and wants. Others may look brilliant in certain styles, but they may not look best on you. Know the difference between fashion and style as well. Fashion is a piece of clothing or a brand. Style is how you wear that clothing and how it makes you feel.


Tinie Tempah climbed his way to the top of the charts with a stellar voice and remarkable enthusiasm. He’s got an incredible sense of style as well, though. Take a page from his book and choose suits, tweed jackets and more that fit your needs and your silhouette. With a little confidence in yourself, you can turn any item of clothing into one that looks amazing.

By Brook Taverner 31 October 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments