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Steal His Style: Tom Hardy

He first made his appearance on the big screen in 2001 in Band of Brothers. Since then, he’s played iconic roles in Black Hawk Down, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, and Mad Max: Fury Road. It isn’t just his acting skills we’ve come to admire, however. His cool, yet often overlooked, style has captured our attention and made him a stylish man to admire.


Early Life

He was born on September 15, 1977 as Edward Thomas Hardy in Hammersmith, London, England. His mother, Anne, was an artist and his father, Edward, was a novel and comedy writer. During his teenage years and into early adulthood, he suffered from drug addiction, alcohol addiction and delinquency.

Even with his addiction problems, Tom was committed to becoming an actor. He attended by the Richmond Drama School and Drama Centre London. In an interview in 2002, he stated that the schools offered an intense structure of approximately 60 hours of work a week, preparing the students for all aspects of their acting future.


In 2008, his now ex-girlfriend Rachel Speed gave birth to a son, Louis Thomas Hardy. He was married once to a woman named Sarah Ward. After only a few years, however, his drug addiction came between the marriage and they were divorced. In 2003, he entered rehab, and he has been sober since then. He was engaged again in 2010 to Charlotte Riley, but the engagement lasted only a few months.

After his divorce, Hardy made a return to the stage. He was given the Evening Standard Most Promising Newcomer award for his roles in We’d Be Kings, In Arabia and Blood. He then went on to appear on BBC in The Virgin Queen and Oliver Twist.

Hardy then went on to make more of a splash in the theatre with the underground company Shotgun. He then directed Blue on Blue, which was written by his father. In 2007, he was nominated for the Best Actor Bafta for Stuart: a Life Backwards.


Steal His Style: Tom Hardy

Whether you’ve enjoyed Tom’s style in the magazines or on the red carpet, you know he has a way of dressing with class in men’s suits, jackets and shirts that is worth mentioning. Here’s how to do it.


  • Choose No Nonsense- Hardy has a no-nonsense attitude and that transfers directly into his style. He’s not flashy in the least, but everything he wears is classy. You may see him on the red carpet wearing nothing but a black and white men’s suit. However, he’s causing whiplash from every head he’s turning. Sticking to the simple things, especially when it comes to colours and patterns, is never wrong. You may worry that you’ll boring, but you won’t. You’ll look classic. Colours like black and white never go out of style and never let you down. Pair it with the right accessories and a classic haircut, and you’ll look brilliant.


  • Layer the Same Colour- Tom does a lot of layering, but he doesn’t go crazy. In fact, he uses variations of the same colour to make a fun and bold statement. You may see him wearing navy suits with a navy tie and navy shirt.


  • Casual Suits- Hardy knows how to make men’s suits seem more casual than they actually are. When he wants to relax, he doesn’t take off his suit jacket and roll up his sleeves, though. Instead, he simply opens up the top button of his shirt and loosens his tie slightly. His look instantly goes from clean-cut and business-like to approachable and fun. At the same time, however, he ensures the rest of his ensemble is still stylish.


  • Classic Casual- When he’s just hanging out with his mates or walking around town, Tom keeps his outfits casual, but still extremely stylish. He does this by continually pairing the same three colours together: white, navy and blue. These three colours work well together, especially when worn with a pair of brown brogues.


  • The Messy Beard- It isn’t just his clothes that are to be admired, either, but his facial hair as well. If anyone else were to approach you with a beard like Hardy’s you might believe they were stuck that way because they couldn’t afford a razor. Tom’s beard is noticeable and it stands out, and the first thing you’ll notice is that it isn’t well kept. It’s a mess. That doesn’t seem to matter though. His slicked back hair and fabulous style compliment the messiness of his beard so well that it looks like it belongs where it is. That is a difficult thing to do, but Hardy pulls it off.


  • Classic Coats- Hardy knows that the right coat is a good way to make sure any outfit starts out on the right foot. He generally enjoys the classic elegant style of a trench coat, but you don’t have to limit yourself to this. While a trench coat can top off the right suits, a tweed jacket is a better choice when it comes to wearing more casual clothing.


  • Simple Belts- When it comes to most articles of clothing, classic is better than trendy. This is especially true with belts. If you purchase belts with huge buckles and studs, your look is going to be relatively dated fast. Whether you’re wearing a casual or formal ensemble, you don’t want to look like you’ve raided your father’s wardrobe from ten years ago. Instead, it’s better to stick with simple, classic styles.


  • Keep it Fitted- While Hardy doesn’t like extra frills, he does make a point of making sure every single thing he wears fits perfectly. He isn’t going to be seen out wearing a pair of suit trousers that are too wide at the bottom or a dress shirt two sizes too big. Every item of men’s clothing fits perfectly.


From his acting to his style, Tom Hardy shows his no-nonsense attitude and attention to detail in everything he does. Want to dress like he does? Use these tips to keep your style as simple, classic, but just as elegant, as this famous star.

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