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Steal his Style: Tom Hiddleston

You know him as Loki in Thor and The Avengers and as Captain Nicholls in War Horse. You're eagerly awaiting his roles in Thor: Ragnarok, I Saw the Light, and The Night Manager. He is Tom Hiddleston: actor, scholar, style icon.

Before Tom Hiddleston became a household name, however, he was just a young boy, growing up in Westminster, London. His father was a scientist and Scottish-born and his mother was an English-born stage manager.

From the time he was young, he was dedicated to his schooling. He started first at the Dragon School, located in Oxford. When he was 13, he began school at Eton College, where he boarded until he continued his education at Cambridge. Here he earned a double major in the Classics. It was also here that he was discovered by an agent while performing as Hamilton Hodell in the play 'A Streetcar Named Desire. He was signed quickly and began his first television role in 2001.

He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and graduated in 2005. By 2007, he had landed his first major film role in 'Unrelated,' the story of a woman who goes on holiday with a friend's family in Tuscany to get away from her relationship. Since this time, he has moved on to bigger and better roles that have made him more and more recognisable throughout the country and the world.

His career hasn't been a slow one. In fact, as of the beginning of last year he starred in 33 different films and television series. His rise to fame comes down to his talent and his passion for the films he stars in. He's been the villain, the king, the writer, and the captain, and with each role he's proven himself over again.

Along with his intelligence and acting skills, Hiddleston also has a skill for fashion. While the greasy black hair of Loki may make it seem like he has no idea how to groom himself, he's actually a stylish man. In fact, he's appeared in many different fashion shoots for big-name clothing companies around the world. His appreciation for fashion isn't just about labels, though. It's about style. He has his own way of pulling together an outfit- a way that focuses on making his ensemble appear relaxed, easy, and authoritative.

Want to get this look yourself? Here are a few of the outfits he's been seen in and a few tips on how you can copy them.

Suits and More: The Style of Tom Hiddleston

Smart and Casual- The first ensemble we'll talk about is his smart casual look.

  • The Waistcoat- While most men think of waistcoats as articles of clothing reserved for under-the-suit-important-event-wearing, Tom uses them to create a fun, sophisticated look. He wears them with a  white shirt and a pair of men's suit trousers. In this ensemble, he could easily walk into his favourite pub for a drink or walk into the office.


  • White Shirt- Paired with the waistcoat is a nice white shirt, but it isn't just a plain dress shirt. Instead, it's a thick shirt that can keep out the cold on cool spring nights without having to resort to a jacket.


  • Patterned Tie- Combining a waistcoat, white shirt, and dress pants may give you that 'grown up' and 'pulled-together' look, but it gets even better when you add a patterned tie. This type of tie screams that you're serious about yourself, but fun at the same time.

Smart and Easy- One of Hiddleston's most popular looks involves his suits. He likes use a black theme while pairing the look with other monotone colours for a smart and effortless look. He does this by wearing black trousers and pairing them with a grey men's suit jacket. This gives his overall appearance a modern tone. He then wears a white dress shirt, which stands out against the grey jacket and gives the look more dimension.

Smart and Cosy- While winter may be over, spring has a way of changing its mind every other day. When you dress like Tom Hiddleston, you can prepare for even the chilliest and wettest of days. He does this with two elements:

  • An Overcoat- The right overcoat can give your outfit an entirely different look, and Tom Hiddleston knows this. That's why he's a style icon. If you want to keep warm and keep off the rain, find a coat that adds colour, texture, and style to your current ensemble. You may want to choose a wool or cashmere blend overcoat for work-related fashion, but for more casual events, consider a men's tweed jacket for greater warmth and usability.


  • Shoes- Shoes are important, but they are more than just another accessory to your style. When you're looking for the right shoe, find one that looks good, but will help you feel good as well. Your shoes should be comfortable, easy to walk in, and capable of repelling spring weather.

Smart and Creative- Despite the fact that Hiddleston knows exactly how to pull together a well-thought-out outfit that almost any man could comfortably wear, he doesn't hesitate to get creative once in a while. He isn't shy about adding new colours and patterns to his men's suits, and was even photographed recently wearing a brown wool suit jacket with a button-down large chequered red and blue cotton shirt.

He's not afraid to take a risk, because he knows that a little confidence goes a long way. While you may not be ready to rush into large patterns and strange colours, consider adding a new pattern or colour to your wardrobe in small amounts. You might be surprised how much you love your look and how others react to it.

Tom Hiddleston is the star of many of the films you know and love, but he's also a fantastic style icon. Don't be afraid to steal some of the secrets to his style. You may find that a new look and some solid advice can make all the difference when it comes to what you wear and how you are perceived.

By Brook Taverner 25 May 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments