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When today's women were polled, do you know that the largest percentage of them did not take age differences into account when considering a significant other?

That's right. Women are more than willing to date and commit to a man ten or fifteen years her senior without a problem. So what things did top the list? Confidence, financial responsibility, sense of humour, compassion, and...you guessed it, style.

Women love a man with confidence and style, regardless of his age.

Take Liam Neelson for instance. Liam turned 60 in 2012 and he is rocking his rugged good looks, is healthier than ever, and dresses with a style and class that most men half his age can't match.

The Secret to Liam Neeson's Style

liam neeson

First on the list, confidence is vital. You really can't look your best in your men's suits or suit jackets when you aren't feeling it. Give yourself a pep talk, have a friend encourage you, or do whatever else it takes to boost your confidence levels. You can also try working out, since exercise naturally improves your posture and causes you to feel better about yourself, meditation to calm and centre you, and eating healthier. All these things can help you feel your best, and when you are on top of your game, a stellar wardrobe is just icing on the cake.

Speaking of wardrobe and fashion, Liam was recently asked about this topic. His reply? "Style. It's my middle name." Yes, he really said that. But delving further into his own personal style, Liam has a very simple, almost predictable style. From observing numerous photographs of him appearing in a variety of events, we can determine two things:

  • Number one - Liam hates ties. Well, he may not hate them, but he rarely wears them.
  • Number two - Liam loves men's suits. He wears them all the time, and they're always impeccably tailored and perfectly pressed.

How Can We Steal Neeson's Timeless and Simplistic Style?

Don't overdo it, but don't leave out the vitals:

  • Fit - Your suits should fit perfectly. There's nothing that ruins a suit than to see the hem too short or too long on men's trousers. Another big mistake is a men's suit jacket that's too big in the shoulders.
  • Pressed - We often talk about the perfectly pressed suit and the crisp white button up shirt, but it really can't be stressed enough. Freshly pressed clothing really does make a difference.
  • Signature - Whatever your style is, you need to own it. If you dislike ties, then don't wear them, but be sure the rest of your outfit is perfect.
  • Casual Jackets - You'll generally see Liam in a suit or a casual jacket with jeans or trousers. Whether you're going to the coffee shop or a dinner party, always look your best. This also has to do with confidence. When you dress for success, you generally achieve it!


Bottom line? You don't have to worry so much about your age. Just be the very best version of yourself!

By Susan Grant 9 May 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments