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Steal Their Style: Six of the Best-Dressed Footballers

While they may be covered in dirt and sometimes blood on the pitch, footballers all over the world are making fewer and fewer mistakes when it comes to style. In fact, many of them are actually becoming style icons. Consider David Beckham, for instance. While most of us would love to erase the nineties from our minds, the denim and frosted tips of yesteryear are no more. Beckham is now one of the best dressed men in the world.

He isn’t the only one, either. Here are just a few other footballers that set the tone when it comes to men’s fashion.

Graziano Pelle

When you see a footballer in a stylish suit or tux, the first thing you probably think is, “He must have a full-time stylist.” While this is the case for many, there are a chosen few who know what they’re doing when it comes to style and can look their best without a lot of extra help. Pelle is one of those footballers.

This professional Italian footballer and former Olympic athlete is the world’s fifth-highest paid footballer and currently playing for the Chinese club Shandong Luneng. He’s considered a target man- his eye is always on the goal.

It’s the same when it comes to his style as well. His slick hair, sculpted facial hair and classic wardrobe help him stand out off the pitch.

Jamie Redknapp

While he quit football a couple of years ago and now works as a pundit, this former footballer is still heavily involved in the game. Unlike many footballers, he also has a unique and rare sense of style. In fact, his new employer, Sky Sports, often spends much of the football games covering what Jamie is wearing instead of what is happening on the pitch.

You’ll seldom see Redknapp without a men’s suit. While his look is simple, it’s highly effective, making you turn your head. The secret is that each suit is tailored to fit perfectly. He rotates his wardrobe between light grey, black and navy suits, which gives the appearance of a fresh look each time we see him.

Andrea Pirlo

Another Italian star, Andrea is defined by his self-confidence, charisma and grace, both on and off the pitch. This hipster-looking footballer is one of the most recognizable stars in the world and one of the most fashionable as well. While he feels at home in sportswear (he’s a footballer, so he would,) he cleans up well as well.

His formal look is perfectly done with tailored, fit suits and classy waistcoats. He doesn’t need much to make an impression either. A simple black suit, white long sleeve single cuff shirt and black tie are all that’s necessary to turn heads.

David Ginola

Footie legend David Ginola has graced the covers of magazines and walked down the catwalk. Whether in chinos and a rolled-up long sleeve button down or a navy suit sans tie, this French star makes an impression.

After retiring in 2002, Ginola developed a television career, acting for advertisements and being a pundit for BBC.

Thierry Henry

Thierry Daniel Henry is a French footballer (currently retired) who was known around the world as a record goal scorer. While a sensation on the field, he continues to make an impression off the pitch with his style.

He recently appeared in GQ, where he showed off in slim suits that perfectly captured his unique style and fashion sense.

David Beckham

No list of stylish footballers could be complete without mentioning Beckham once (or twice.) Maybe it’s Victoria. Maybe he read Brook Taverner’s Fitting Room blog. Whatever the reason, Beckham’s style has changed, for the better over the last 20 years.

There used to be a saying: Bend it like Beckham. Today, more and more people are laughingly saying, "Trend it like Beckham." This English retired footballer sets new trends without even meaning to. While he experiments with current trends, he doesn’t usually stick with them too long. He understands the power of classic attire.

Stealing Their Style

So, how do you achieve the brilliant looks portrayed by the most stylish men every to grace the football pitch?

  • Know the Value of a Good Suit- A well-cut men’s suit has the power to help you look your best. It can easily work for almost any formal occasion, depending on the colour, can make you appear confident in the boardroom and can even be dressed down for casual occasions.
  • Use a Statement Tie- Keeping men’s suits simple is a common theme among most of these stylish men, but if you want to make a statement, do it with your tie. Be bold, but not audacious. Make sure the tones are complementary. Consider a subtle print and eye-catching colour.
  • Don’t Fill Your Cupboard- If there’s one thing that French footballers have in common, it’s that they recognize you don’t need to fill your entire clothing cupboard with every suit, shirt or pair of trousers available. Choose your classic pieces and invest in a few fun shirts, ties and trousers. Mix and match to keep your look fresh.
  • Slim Down With Black- Basic black works for suits, shirts and more. Not only does black go with almost anything, but it also gives the impression of a slim down.
  • Don’t Forget Your Hair- While you may enjoy your current hair style, that doesn’t mean you should keep it the same way for the next twenty years. Mix it up a little and experiment with different types of haircuts. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it changes your entire look.
  • Don’t Hold Onto the Past- While these stylish footballers may be the best-dressed men now, they haven’t always had perfect fashion sense. They don’t let this stop them from moving forward, though, and you shouldn’t either. Just because you made a few mistakes while you were figuring out your style doesn’t mean you won’t get it right next time. Have fun. Try new things. Find what works.

Steal a few tips from the best dressed footballers in the world and change the way you think about your wardrobe.

By Brook Taverner 3 June 2017