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Three Scientific Reasons to Dress Well on a First Date

The first date. We've all been on at least one in our lifetime, and we know just how important they are. While they may be filled with awkward silences and uneasy small-talk, a first date is the first step into any new relationship.

  • Debunking Fashion Rules and Myths About Colours

    Ah, the rules of men’s fashion. They’ve been handed down for generations, are often unwritten, and are generally put in place for a good reason. Some, however, just don’t make sense anymore; they are outdated and need to be broken.

  • Steal His Style: Prince Charles

    At 64, it wouldn’t seem like Prince Charles would be the ultimate style icon. Style isn’t dictated by age, however, and Prince Charles brings it, year after year.

  • Are You a Men’s Fashion Addict? Here’s How to Tell

    It seems like just yesterday that you were flirting with gateway clothing like Oxford button down shirts and casually flicking through the pages of GQ, trying to decide if you could really pull off that navy blazer...