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Winter First Dates: 10 Amazing Things to do in Manchester this December

When you think of a first date, the most obvious thing to do is dinner and a film at the cinema. However, in Manchester at Christmas, there are so many wonderful options that make it easy to go above and beyond for that special someone. In fact, there’s just one word for this kind of date: magical. So, where should you go? Let’s narrow down the options and show you the 10 best festive and fun places to visit in Manchester.

  • What to Wear When You Propose

    Finding the perfect person you want to spend the rest of your life with isn’t always easy. Sometimes you fall in love with your primary school sweetheart and ask them to marry you right after graduation. Other times you have to wait, searching for the one through a sea of prospects who are just not quite your happily ever after.

  • Do Your Men's Suits Date You? 5 Signs An Update is Needed

    One or two men’s suits can get you through a lot of events and a lot of years. Eventually, however, you’re going to have to buckle down and buy a new men’s suit or two (or five,) especially if you begin working in a workplace that requires business-formal attire on a daily basis. The trick is to buy a classic suit that will last. However, even then, there are some things that can make it necessary for you to consider purchasing another suit, like changes to your body and wear on your suit.

  • How to Wear Chelsea Boots With Men’s Suits and More

    Chelsea boots are a staple of a stylish wardrobe and a classic accessory for almost any season or occasion, from casual to formal. These boots are extremely versatile and a streamlined look without laces. Hand-crafted from calf leather, Chelsea boots have an elastic side panel for breathability and a loop of fabric at the back for pulling on the ankle-high boots. The shoes are often found in brown and black, with various shades available in both colours.

  • Steal His On-and Off-Screen Style: Kit Harington

    "You Know Nothing, Jon Snow.";

    While the phrase often uttered by Ygritte before she (spoilers!) died has become extremely popular both in and outside of the show, it turns out Jon Snow is not completely a knower of nothing. In fact, both he and the actor who plays him, Kit Harington, know quite a bit of things, from how to kill white walkers to how to stand out in style on the red carpet.

    Let’s take a look at Kit’s history, fashion sense and character on Game of Thrones so you can understand what he has to teach you about menswear.