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How to Wear Chelsea Boots With Men’s Suits and More

Chelsea boots are a staple of a stylish wardrobe and a classic accessory for almost any season or occasion, from casual to formal. These boots are extremely versatile and a streamlined look without laces. Hand-crafted from calf leather, Chelsea boots have an elastic side panel for breathability and a loop of fabric at the back for pulling on the ankle-high boots. The shoes are often found in brown and black, with various shades available in both colours.

  • How Do I Wear A Tweed Jacket?

    Tweed blazers make a statement. They are classic, yet very current. If you’re not ready to wear a suit yet, they offer a perfect way to upgrade your wardrobe and give you a stylish appearance when the cold weather hits.

  • Style 101: How and When to Wear a Waistcoat

    If there’s one piece of menswear that doesn’t get talked about enough, it’s the waistcoat. While it may not be the piece you reach for on a daily basis, it probably should be. Once mastered, the waistcoat can create an entirely new dimension to your appearance. It transcends dress codes and lets you experiment with layers in a simple, but effective way. If you don’t have a waistcoat in your wardrobe, you’re missing out on perhaps the best looks.

  • Want to Spice up Your Look? 10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Bold Summer Colours

    When you first begin really thinking about your style, knowing what to wear and when to wear it can be hard. That’s one of the reasons there are so many rules of fashion available for men to follow. These rules make looking good easier for men.

  • 9 Men’s Style Emergencies and How to Fix Them Fast

    Choosing the right men’s suit for that big business meeting or the perfect tweed jacket for a casual date is an essential part of looking your best. However, no matter how much work you put into picking them out, there’s always a chance that something might go wrong. The zipper on your trousers might get stuck. You might accidentally drip sauce on your shirt. A button might become snagged and fall off your jacket.