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The Secrets to Improving Your Professional Style in 2014

For many men in the corporate world, getting up each morning and getting dressed for work is incredibly boring. After all, the only attire you have to work with are suits, shirts, shoes, and ties, right? While this doesn’t seem like much fun, like anything else in life, it’s not about what you have, but what you do with what you have. In 2014, you don’t have to settle for that same old look you’ve been sporting for the last year. You can experiment and be a bit more creative with your attire so you can improve your professional appearance. How? Let’s take a look.

Getting Creative With Your Suits: Improving Your Professional Appearance

As long as you know and understand the basics of men’s style, there are plenty of ways you can improve your look during the next year.


  • Embrace Blue and Brown- This tip has been a proven stylish look for years by the Italians, and you can take advantage of it when dressing for business functions. Mixing brown and blue is not only creative, but easy to do, because the combination works no matter what shades you’re using. Try navy suits with chocolate brown shoes or a blue gingham shirt with a brown tie. You’ll still look like the ultimate professional, but you’ll be one that has style.


  • Understand Patterns- One of the biggest mistakes men make when wearing suits is thinking that because they are in a suit, they are dressed appropriately for business. This is not always the case, especially when it comes to patterns. Some patterns are inexplicably casual, while others are too over-the-top to be appropriate for that afternoon business meeting. So, what do you choose? While it’s not the only pattern you can choose, the most eye-catching and appealing pattern is the check; it pairs perfectly with men’s suits and ties, while adding depth and interest. Improving your appearance in 2014 can be as simple as adding men’s suits, men’s tweed jackets, and shirts to your wardrobe with this pattern.


  • Add Contrast- Being creative with your wardrobe doesn’t always mean changing big ticket items like your tweed jacket or suits. It could simply mean investing in bold, contrasting, small items that will change the entire look of your wardrobe. That’s where your socks and pocket squares come in handy. While they represent a small portion of your ensemble, they can easily add eye-catching contrast.


  • Mix Things Up- Patterns, that is. While checks are inherently business-like, mixing and matching other patterns and prints can still provide you with the updated look you want- as long as you do it right. Remember that there should always be one solid item anchoring the ensemble and that the two patterns you mix together should always differ in size so they do not clash. For instance, consider pairing a wide striped tie with a pencil neck shirt, but remember that the suit you’re wearing should be a solid colour.


2014 is your year. If you spend the majority of your time behind a desk, don’t let your wardrobe become stale. Get creative and update your look for the coming year.

By Brook Taverner 27 January 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments