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The TV Villain You Love to Hate: Stealing Jim Moriarty's Style

If ever there were two words that could make you both anxious and excited, they would have to be: “Miss me?” As soon as he appeared in BBC’s modern adaptation of the classic Sherlock stories, the country, and perhaps the world, fell in love with this villain. He was crazy, charismatic and utterly dapper. You couldn’t help but enjoy his insane banter with the hero of the story and wonder exactly when he was going to show up again.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know who Jim Moriarty is. However, let’s recap a bit and discuss what makes his style so eye-catching and why men all over the country want to imitate his look.

History of Jim Moriarty

Jim Moriarty is the nemesis of Sherlock Homes, and has a dark, though well-planned, past. In 1989, he murdered a boy named Carl Powers, who had laughed at him. For nearly 20 years, Moriarty saved Powers’ trainers. He then planted the shoes at 221C Baker Street for Sherlock to find. After this murder, he developed his crime skills and went on to create one of the biggest criminal organisations in the world.

Moriarty’s job was to act as a ‘consulting criminal.’ Criminals would call him for assistance, and he would be their mastermind, informant or sponsor. He spends a great amount of time planning the destruction of Sherlock Holmes, which he seemingly achieves at the end of series 2 when Moriarty has convinced all of England that Sherlock is a fraud. At the end of series 2, Moriarty takes his own life, telling Sherlock that he must also die in order to protect his friends.

Steal His Style: Jim Moriarty

Despite the fact that Moriarty is a really bad guy and a probable psychopath, he knows how to dress. Here are just a few reasons you might want to imitate him when it comes to his style.

He Understands Men’s Suits

When we first meet Moriarty by the pool, he’s dressed in a dark blue two-button classic suit. What sets this suit apart is its cut, which is perfect for Moriarty’s frame. In later episodes, when he wears other suits, the cut creates the ideal silhouette. This not only helps create an ominous shadow as he approaches Sherlock, but also makes the suits look ideal on his body.

So, what can you learn from his style? Pay attention to the cut and fit of your men’s suits, tweed jackets and blazers. Choose options that hug your frame and accent the best parts of your body for the best look.

His Coat Reflects His Personality

You’ve heard clothing experts say that you should dress in a way that shows off your personality. Many times, this is difficult to do. It’s a vague concept, but one that Moriarty has managed to figure out. Unlike other TV characters, like The Doctor and Captain Jack, who fancy big, flappy coats that let them run from place to place, Moriarty’s black, cashmere, medium-length coat lays against his body in a calm and cool fashion.

Why? Because Moriarty is always calm and cool. It doesn’t matter the situation, you won’t find Moriarty running. He’s confident in himself and always in control of every situation. His coat reflects these aspects of his personality.

It may be difficult to find a coat that speaks to your own self-confidence, but that doesn’t mean other parts of your wardrobe can’t show off your personality. Play with different fabrics, cuts and colours with your next clothing purchase and find some that speak to you.

He Remembers the Details

In series 2, when Moriarty is starting his plan to ruin Sherlock’s reputation, he attempts to steal the crown jewels. For his plan to work, however, he has to get caught and stand trial for the attempted theft. While he’s on trial, he takes his suits above and beyond their normal satirical excellence. Instead of his traditional dark suit, he wears a light grey 100 percent wool suit.

While the daring choice of colour is something that will make you do a double take, it’s the details that really make it work. The suave yellow tie features a tie pin that completes the ensemble and gives his a smooth, almost-innocent look. This is in stark contrast to Sherlock’s style, who has claimed in the past that he doesn’t wear ties.

When putting together your clothing choices with men’s tweed jackets or men’s suits, make sure you consider the details. Even the smallest ones, like the colour of your shoes or whether or not you have a pocket kerchief in your suit pocket, can make a big difference in whether your ensemble looks its best.

He’s not Afraid to be Different

Sure, you could argue that most psychopaths aren’t afraid to be different. However, Jim Moriarty has proven again and again- with his style, that he has his own way of doing things. Consider, for instance, the lining of his dark suit during the pool scene. Instead of a traditional hue or pattern, the lining is skulls and crossbones.

On the roof of St. Bart’s Hospital, when Moriarty meets his end, he sets himself apart again by wearing a pale pink shirt. No, it’s not something you would normally think the villain would wear. However, he pulls it off because he’s not afraid to be different.

It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to copy Jim Moriarty’s habits or desires, but that doesn’t mean he’s not one of the best-dressed villains on TV. His sartorial style is very different from other bad guys, and, when combined with his natural confidence and charismatic charm, he has a fashion sense that many would love to copy. If you’re trying to change you own style and make the most of your suits, tweed jackets and more, consider taking some points from this Sherlock character. By choosing men's suits with the right cuts and those that fit well, paying attention to the details and daring to be different, you can stand out from the crowd.

By Brook Taverner 21 February 2017