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The Velvet Trend: How to Pull it Off With Style

Velvet is a material that even men mature in the art of style can do wrong. It’s a material that’s often dependent on other garments, seasons and trends. While it’s luxurious, features a soft texture and slight sheen and is smooth enough to catch the eye in any situation, it has to be worn correctly if it is going to do its job right.

Velvet is classic, but it’s been thought of in the past as a material for women’s clothing, like silk, lace and chiffon often are. In the past few years, however, men are turning back to this high-fashion material for suits, jackets, trousers and even accessories. It’s been seen again and again on the runway and has quickly changed the way we view men’s clothing. Instead of being one of those fleeting trends, velvet men’s suits have become a staple that every man looks for when adding to his wardrobe collection.

It’s a hard look to pull off, though, so here are some tips that might help you embrace velvet this season.


Smaller Details

Sometimes diving headfirst into the world of velvet isn’t the best option, especially if you don’t have much experience using the fabric in your day-to-day style. Because of this, it’s best to take a small step and invest in pieces that use velvet in small details. This could perhaps be a pocket square, velvet-covered cuff links or even a velvet bow tie. However, if you aren’t sure what to wear these accessories with, considering choosing a clothing item that already incorporates the fabric in some way. Brook Taverner’s Henlow Yorkshire Woven Jacket, for instance, consists of mainly tweed for a stylish, but casual look. The background of the waistcoat is khaki, and it features a wine and navy overcheck. What makes the tailored fit, two-button suit jacket remarkable and distinct from other jackets is the crimson collar made of velvet. While the detail here is small, it makes the entire ensemble stand out and provides the user with improved self confidence.


Velvet Suit Jackets

Velvet men’s suit jackets are the ideal way to show off your sophisticated style. While it can be difficult in some instances to find the right jacket with the correct cut and colour for your needs, the rewards to getting it right are worth the effort.


  • Cut- When looking for a velvet suit jacket, make sure you choose an option that fits your body correctly. It shouldn’t be too skinny or too loose, as these errors are greatly accentuated with this type of fabric.


  • Colour-  Velvet is a fabric that stands out. It’s going to outshine wool any day of the week, and linen simply can’t hold a candle to it. For this reason, it’s important to be somewhat subtle when it comes to choosing the colour. Black is always a classic option that will make using the same jacket for different events easy. Other timeless colours including dark purple, maroon, navy or green. With its beautiful cut and soft, tailored fit, an option like Brook Taverner’s Simmons Midnight Blue Jacket is a wonderful option for a special and formal night on the town. For a more stand-out alternative, consider the Bicester Double Breasted Jacket in Ruby Wine for a stand-out appearance.


Pairing Your Velvet Suit Jacket

There are many options for dressing up or dressing down your velvet suit jacket. You could opt for velvet trousers in the same hue, but this is not for the faint of heart. Done right, the look can be amazing. However, it isn’t often done right. If you’re just getting started including velvet in your wardrobe, consider pairing the jacket with other items that will provide the formal or casual aesthetic you want.


  • Trousers- The best option for creating a formal look is to pair the jacket with a pair of slim-cut cotton or wool trousers. If you’re going for a smart casual look, opt for slim jeans in black or grey.


  • Shirts- A button-down shirt works well with a velvet jacket. Opt for a shirt colour that doesn’t draw attention away from the velvet, but rather compliments it and provides a warm background. For a casual look, choose a dark-coloured velvet jacket and pair it with a plain tee.


  • Shoes- Leather shoes look amazing with velvet jackets and suits; they provide a finishing touch to an otherwise luxurious ensemble. More casual option include chunky sole brogues and Chelsea boots, which will pair well with both the jeans and the velvet.


Important Rules for Wearing Velvet

Considering making velvet your statement piece for this season? There are many ways you can work a new velvet suit jacket into your existing wardrobe. However, there are some key rules that you need to follow to pull off the look correctly.


  • The velvet is your statement piece. In an outfit that involves velvet, there is no room for other bold pieces. Stick to neutral items with the rest of your wardrobe selection to avoid a sartorial mishap.


  • Select a neutral tone that pairs well with the dress shirts you typically wear if you want the velvet men’s suit jacket to last more than this season. While it may have started out as just a trend, it’s quickly becoming a great alternative that many men turn to in an effort to stand out from the crowd. Don’t let your choice lose its appeal too quickly. Opt for a velvet jacket in a darker, more contemporary colour like black, wine or midnight blue.


  • If it says dry clean only- dry clean only. Don’t ruin the beautiful and luxurious fabric by ignoring the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Velvet is a sensitive material that must be cleaned by a professional that knows what he is doing.


Velvet is a fabric that is often overlooked in men’s clothing, but can be a show-stopper when worn correctly. Dip your toe into the velvet world with a jacket that provides small velvet details, then embrace the fabric with an all-velvet jacket and the right accessories and pair clothing items. 

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