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Think You Know How to Dress? 10 Habits of Stylish Men

We all know of a man we admire for his style and appearance. They’re everywhere- on television, in the movies and even walking down the street. While it may seem like looking sharp is effortless to them, it isn’t really. Every one shares a secret. They’re style is more than just the suits they wear- they have the good habits to back it up and support them.

Striving to improve your appearance? Take a page from the book of the men you admire by developing these habits.


They go for Timeless

Trends come. Trends go. Not every trend is something to ignore; many stick around for quite a few years. However, they eventually die out, and you’re left with a wardrobe full of clothing you’ll never want to wear again.

Stylish men know to avoid the trends and instead stick to the clothing items that are classic and timeless. They invest in items that go beyond seasonal trends and will work for many different occasions and times of year, like tweed jackets, black pinstripe suits and white Oxford shirts.


They Invest in Shoes

Shoes aren’t just another accessory you can give little thought to. They are one of the first things others notice when they meet you. Men of style know this, and they appreciate the fine art of purchasing the right ones. Yes, that’s right- ones. Women aren’t the only sex that need a few pairs of different shoes. Monk straps are ideal for casual outings while wearing chinos, a polo and a men’s tweed jacket. Oxfords pair well with fine men’s suits. A pair of chukka boots can make an outdoor event a glamorous one.


They Know a Good Tailor

Whether you’re buying jeans, suits, chinos, dress shirts or tweed jackets, there’s a good chance it won’t automatically fit you perfectly. Pretending they do will make it seem like you don’t care how you look. You may need the shoulders taken in or a higher hem. Stylish men know this is a good possibility, so they take the time to research for and find a knowledgeable tailor. This professional helps them achieve the perfect fit when it comes to their clothing, but is also there for them when the pieces they love start to become worn and need mending.


They’re Prepared

A stylish man isn’t going to have to rush through his morning routine simply because the shirt he thought he was going to wear has an unexpected stain on it. These men plan out their look the night before to avoid any surprises and to give their morning a little bit less hassle. The result is an ensemble that looks put together and carefully considered.


They Understand Fabric Quality

And they know how it can affect their final appearance. High quality cotton, wool and cashmere not only make men’s suits and trousers look brilliant when hanging up, but also on your body. These fabrics help to hide the unsightly areas of your body you don’t want others to see. In addition to this, they tend to last longer- and age better. Unlike some fabrics, high quality ones will keep their look and colour better, without becoming too shiny.


They Know How to Judge a Cut

Understanding the importance of the right cut and silhouette is essential if you want to be a man of style. It may take time to learn the various rules that go into it, but the end result is important. Some basic principles, like keeping the collar about a finger’s width away from your neck and having a jacket that falls at your waist can help you achieve the right silhouette.


They Know What’s Important Underneath

Suits, crisp collared dress shirts and the right shoes may make the man, but the clothing beneath what you see is equally important. Choose the pants and socks you wear in the same way you choose the rest of your wardrobe. They should be of high quality material, just like your tweed jackets and men’s suits, but they should also be free of wrinkles and stains. A good rule of thumb would be to consider what you would want to be seen in if you were in an accident and the doctor had to remove your suit. Would you be embarrassed of your holy underwear?

Another style suggestion is to change out your underwear and socks every six months. By this time they will have become worn down and will need to be replaced.


They Enjoy Themselves

There may be many different rules of style to consider when picking out what you’ll wear in the morning, but the most important is to enjoy yourself. Be confident in what you wear- and wear it because it makes you feel good about you. If you don’t like what you put on it will show in how you care yourself and how you act.


They Pay Attention to Details

You might think that as long as you have the suit right, the rest doesn’t matter. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Those subtle wrinkles are noticeable. That crooked tie stands out. The combination of four different colours in your ensemble doesn’t make you look brave or create a statement.

When it comes to your personal style, take a look at the big picture, then analyse the details carefully. Less is always more, and a little bit of effort can help you stand out.


They Control Their Hair

The hair on your face and on your head says a lot about you. In fact, it can say just as much as your men’s tweed jackets and blue suits. Keep your hair under control on a regular basis. Haircuts every six weeks are recommended, as well as daily shaving and trimming. You may not want to completely shave, but keeping your beard and moustache trimmed will help you appear put together and professional.

Want to know the style secrets of the men you admire? Their good habits help improve their appearance and give them the confidence to always look sharp.

By Brook Taverner 28 March 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments