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Three Scientific Reasons to Dress Well on a First Date

The first date. We've all been on at least one in our lifetime, and we know just how important they are. While they may be filled with awkward silences and uneasy small-talk, a first date is the first step into any new relationship. Whether you've known the woman you're about to date for years and just found the courage to ask her out, or you only just met her, it's essential that you get this first date right.

It's been scientifically proven that dressing well in your professional life can help open doors and greatly impact your career, and the same can be said for success in your love life as well. Powerful, scientifically tested facts have shown that putting on men's suits and looking sharp for your first date can help make the date more fun for you and the woman you're seeing.

Reasons for Dressing Well on Your First Date

Reason 1: When you Dress like a Gentleman, you Behave Like one

Have you ever heard of the talisman effect? In many scientific circles, it's known as the Enclothed Cognition. This theory explains how the sense of self each of us has is not just ingrained in our minds, but also in our bodies. This means that the things we see, feel, and touch have a powerful effect on the way we behave.

One study, performed at Northwestern University, showed the effect the clothing we wear has on our minds through a series of cognitive tests. Students at the university were divided into three groups. The first group was given a white coat to wear and were told the coat was a doctor's coat. The second group was also given a white coat to wear, but they were told that the coat was an smock that an artist would wear. The third group was given a white coat, but it was hung in their presence and they were not allowed to wear it.

The study consisted of several different tests, and the result was astounding. The students from the first group, who believed they were wearing doctor's coats, performed much better in the tests. It didn't matter what their life experiences were or what career they had, when they were dressed like doctors, they were more analytical.

In many ways, this theory has been proven over and over again. Consider military personnel and their uniforms. Soldiers are trained to obsessively shine their boots and create sharp ironed creases in their trousers. This doesn't serve any kind of physical practicality, but it helps the soldier's minds become more aware of the details around them. This habit that is embedded in their minds by the clothes they wear helps them in more serious matters later on.

So, what does this study have to do with your first date? It shows that if you dress like a gentleman in appropriate men's suits or tweed jackets, you're going to act like a gentleman. By making the extra effort to ensure your suits are wrinkle free and your trousers pair well with your tweed jacket, you're training your brain to adopt the behaviours that one would expect of an individual wearing that type of attire.

Reason 2: Others will see you as a Gentleman

If making more of an effort to dress nicely will make you more charming on your first date, what do you think it will do for the people near you? As it turns out, the result is very similar. Why?

When we see men and women wearing nice clothing, like suits, dresses, and men's tweed jackets, social cues automatically tell our brains that they are respectable and successful. When you dress in your best, others around you will often be more respectful of what you have to say and interpret your behaviour in a more positive manner. For instance, if you were to walk into a restaurant and politely request to be seated at a table near the fireplace, (who wouldn't love a nice roaring fire on a first date!) he way you are dressed may impact how the host reacts. If you are dressed well, your request may sound reasonable and good-natured. If you aren't, the host may find that your request is presumptuous and pushy.

Finding all of this hard to believe? A study from the University of Hertfordshire proves this theory. In the study, participants were asked to look at a picture of a person and make a quick judgement about them in just three seconds. In some of the pictures, men were wearing tailored suits, while in others men were wearing suits that had not been tailored and did not fit well. In every other way- cut, colour, style- the suits were exactly the same. The faces on the images were blurred to ensure the students weren't swayed by facial expressions or attractiveness of the men.

Each time, the participants ranks the men wearing tailored suits as being more successful, confident and flexible than those wearing the ill-fitted men's suits. They also saw the men in tailored suits as higher earners. The fit and quality of the clothing was enough to sway their opinion.

So, what does this mean for your first date? Your date is much more likely to enjoy her time with you and enjoy being around you if you are dressed at your best. She'll find you much more confident, successful, and respectable.

Reason 3: You'll Increase Your Sex Appeal

It's not a stretch of the imagination to say that a well-fitting suit or tweed jacket can be sexy. In fact, this type of clothing can help signal strength, health, and exaggerate your masculine features to a potential mate. According Fhionna Moore, and evolutionary psychologist, the way you dress can even increase your sex appeal.

You might not have needed any scientific proof to believe this reason. After all, it makes sense, doesn't? When you wear clothing that looks good and compliments your body, this powerful personal presentation is going to change your attractiveness in the eyes of others- especially the woman you're going on a first date with.

Are you ready for your first date? Take the time to choose the right ensemble for the special night so you will look your best.

By Brook Taverner 21 July 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments