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Tom Hardy Style Credentials

Tom Hardy may play the villain in the new Batman movie, 'The Dark Knight Rises,' but he's a hero when it comes to his sense of style. Tom keeps it simple and opts for a classic, gentlemanly look which allows him to easily move from the red carpet to an afternoon interview without missing a beat.

If you're challenged with a busy lifestyle as well, you can take these style tips from Tom and use them to streamline both your wardrobe and your life. Remember, the less you have to worry about your clothing, the more confident you'll feel wherever you go. You shouldn't have to wonder what you're going to wear, how you're going to put your outfit together, or whether it will all pull together effectively. When you build the right wardrobe foundation, you'll always have the assurance that you can easily pull together the perfect look.

Here's the staples that give Tom Hardy His Style Credentials

  • Classic all the way - Tom Hardy can regularly be seen on the red carpet in his meticulously tailored suits. Most recently, he appeared in a black, slim cut suit, crisp white button-cuff shirt, black tie and classic trench coat. We certainly applaud him for his gentlemanly heritage style choice. Start your wardrobe with this same foundation (after all, every man needs at least one black suit) and you'll have the beginnings of smart and stylish fashion foundation.
  • Shoes Matter - The Dark Knight has been seen in shoes very much like our own Black Windsor's. Another style staple, these shoes can be worn with a more casual tweed jacket if necessary, but are an absolute must for a sharp, black suit. It's nice to have shoes that are versatile enough to go from one outfit to the next without having to change. This is especially helpful on your busiest days. As an added note, be sure your shoes are freshly polished at all times. It's the little details that count.
  • Accessories to a Minimum - Trends never last. That's why they're called trends. The classics, well, that's a different story. Classics can be counted on for years, even decades. That's why you should always think "classic" when choosing accessories. From belts to watches and sunglasses, be sure to stick to the basics. Slim lines, classic colours, and never wear accessories that shout louder than you do. Remember, they're called accessories, so they should be accent pieces, not show stoppers!
  • Casual but Never Sloppy - Your casual days don't have to be sloppy days. Get rid of oversized or square cut t-shirts or any other casual wear that doesn't fit you correctly. Weekends and jeans go together perfectly, and by adding one of Brook Taverner's tweed jackets and button cuff shirts, you won't have to turn the other way if you happen to run into that special someone unexpectedly.

Part of having that "always put together" look has to do with being ready for anything at all times. If you have to, pretend YOU are a celebrity and the paparazzi is waiting outside your front door. Make it a habit to never leave the house unless you are ready to run into anyone. This will not only help you to snag the style of Tom Hardy, but it will help you to be the best possible version of yourself, --and that's important!

Here's to 2013 and building that foundational wardrobe. This is the year to be polished, refined, and ready for anything!

By Susan Grant 14 January 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments