Top 4 British Male Fashion Icons and How to Get Their Looks
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Top 4 British Male Fashion Icons and How to Get Their Looks

It was about time to round up and honour some of the most celebrated fashion icons from the UK. From timeless artists to new generation Hollywood stars, follow the steps of these fine gentlemen that for sure know how to perfect any attire.

1. Paul McCartney: Confident and Youthful

He’s amongst the most beloved figures in England and his style clearly reflects his simple and laidback style, but also his values.

In this article, we go over his life, achievements and effortless fashion style.

How to Achieve Paul McCartney’s Style?

• Get a classic white cotton shirt 
• A laidback, tailored, casual style jacket 
• Add a layer with a shawl-neck neutral blazer 
• Wear the perfect jeans 

Finish up with a cool pair of sneakers and a plain tie!

2. Conor McGregor: The Style Champ

A notorious figure both inside and outside the fighting arenas of the UFC, Conor McGregor, who has been flirting with retirement for a while now, is definitely a man of contrasts with a ‘bigger than life’ personality.

Find out more about his style, life and achievements in this article

How to Achieve Conor McGregor’s Style?

• Rock up a great tailored fit Navy Suit 
• Experiment with a tailored fit Check Suit 
• Spice things up with a waistcoat 
• Finish your attire with some good ol’ Browley Brown Brogues shoes 

3. Gerard Butler: Elegance From Within

Sophisticated and elegant, Gerard Butler for sure knows a thing or two about not just having a stellar career but also how to be associated with prestigious brands such as Hugo Boss and Festina.

But, who’s the man behind the actor

How to Achieve Gerard Butler’s Style?

• Kick start your attire with a Navy Pinstripe two-piece suit 
• Add a classic silk tie 
• And a double cuff tailored fit formal shirt 
• For a casual ensemble get a black leather jacket and pair it with a white t-shirt and classic denim jeans.

4. David Hockney: Colourful and Legendary

Fashion is a great creative arena and those who take advantage of it can certainly stand out from the crowds without shame! David Hockney is a legend for the United Kingdom, which is why his sense of fashion and style should never go unnoticed.

Find out about his life and art in this article and also how he came to be one of the greatest artists of the century

How to Achieve David Hockney’s Style?

• Mix bright colours with gentle pastel tones. Start by picking a Sky Blue blazer.
• Make the most of a striped polo shirt 
• If you will be wearing a shirt, then choose a playful and bright tie 
• Get a stylish pair of trousers to complement the look. These can either be yellow or light blue. If you want to be a bit more conservative, and don’t go overboard get a pair of chinos on a neutral palette!

What do you think about their style? Do you have any favourites?