Top 6 Special Occasions Dress Code Guide – What To Wear And When?
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Top 6 Special Occasions Dress Code Guide – What To Wear And When?

 A worthy gentleman takes pride in always being on point portraying a neat and streamlined attire.

It takes an oblivious man to underestimate the importance of dressing up according to the occasion. Which is why BT’s Dress Code Guides focus on different situations and events that you may come across in life.

Whether it’s a job interview, an evening outing, a Sunday lunch or a wedding, we are sharing with you expert advice so you get to succeed every single time.


1. What to Wear to a Job Interview?

This is your chance to show why you are the perfect fit for the job. Dressing up accordingly to the company’s values and being authentic at the same time can be challenging at times. It’s important to do your due diligence beforehand!

We tell you all in this article filled with tips, tricks and mistakes to avoid when going to your next job interview


2. What to Wear to Your Company’s Team Building Outing

It’s a great thing that modern companies get hands on their team’s wellbeing. Team building outings can be a game changer for a smart player.

In this guide, we share with you what to wear and how to be at your best during your job’s day away


3. What to Wear to an Evening in London?

Heading to The Ivy, The Ritz, The Opera or just for a cocktail with your co-workers?

Then this one-stop guide will shed some light over the specific dress codes you must follow. Otherwise, you risk being refused entry, and, who wants that?

4. What to Wear to a Sunday Lunch?

Tradition sits at the table every Sunday in many British homes. Those willing to host need to get the hang of welcoming people into their house. It’s important to set the table, the ambience, the menu and of course, wear the appropriate garment.

Let us share with you all the secrets to hosting a Sunday Lunch Roast at your place


5. What to Wear When You Propose?

Either if you are a gentleman of tradition or wish to break free from the status quo, choosing the outfit for your surprise wedding proposal is extremely important –and it should also be a lot of fun!

As this is a moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life, check out Brook Taverner’s Guide with options for different proposing scenarios

6. What to Wear to a Summer Wedding?

Weddings are meant to be remembered for a lifetime. When you are lucky enough to get invited to a summer wedding, you want to make sure you cause a great impression. This is why you, as a guest, must show up looking your absolute best!

Check out this guide with etiquette tips, tricks and behavioural rules of thumb so you and your peers get to enjoy one of the finest occasions in life.


Are there any other special occasions you’d like to see in this article?