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Want to Spice up Your Look? 10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Bold Summer Colours

When you first begin really thinking about your style, knowing what to wear and when to wear it can be hard. That’s one of the reasons there are so many rules of fashion available for men to follow. These rules make looking good easier for men.

At the beginning, simplicity is often the best. You know that if you wear neutral colours, you’ll look good, whether it’s a grey tweed jacket or a navy business suit. After a while, however, you may want to branch out from those neutral tones and add a bit more colour to your wardrobe. This is easier said than done, especially if you’ve never done it before. Thankfully, there are a few tips you can use to make it easier without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.

The first thing we’ll do is separate your ensembles into three different categories: sport, business and casual. Now we’ll address how you can add colour in each category.


Injecting colour into your business apparel isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are a few things to think about.

  • 1.Colour doesn’t always have to refer to bright pinks and bold oranges. Colour may simply refer to an alternative to your traditional navy or black men’s suits. Choose other options that don’t take you out of your comfort zone and look good against your skin tone, like grey, tan or shade of brown.

  • 2.Use your shirt. Solid-coloured shirts or coloured patterns can really add a lot to your business suit, taking an ordinary look and raising the bar significantly. Just be sure the colour of your shirt matches your tie and your suit.

  • 3.Ties let you add pops of colours without going to extremes. These accessories help you stand out. If you’re wearing a black suit and a white shirt, why not add a splash of colour with a power-red tie or a happy-yellow one?

  • 4.Other accessories may help you add colours and patterns to your men’s suits as well, like your handkerchief. Socks work as well; while it used to be that socks needed to match your pants, men are using these small bits of clothing to show off their personal style in new and bold ways.

  • 5.Cufflinks are small accessories, but if you’re wanting to add just a tiny pop of colour to your ensemble, without it being too overwhelming, these little cufflinks may do it well. While traditionally silver, gold or black, many of today’s cufflinks also come in other colours, such as blue, red and even purple.


Are you used to wearing blue denim jeans and a matching tee shirt when you go out with friends or stay at home?

1.Mix it up by choosing a different type of trousers to wear when you’re at home or out on the town. Chinos work well for almost any casual event and come in a variety of colours for you to enjoy, including wine, coffee, ocean and navy. They pair well with almost any casual shirt and can even be dressed up with the right shirt for dates and semi-formal get-togethers.
  • 2.Try a different shirt. While tees may be a popular casual option, there are plenty of other choices as well, like button-down collars and polo shirts. These shirts comes in a variety of patterns and colours, including check, stripes and solid patterns and blue, orange and pink colours. Many are available in both long sleeve and short sleeve varieties as well.

  • 3.Layer your clothing. This not only helps keep you warmer on cool nights, but gives you a way to wear multiple colours at once. You get to decide what colour comes out for the world to see- depending on whether or not you take off the right layer. It’s important to remember to always pay attention to each layer you opt for. Each one should work by itself; you don’t want to get down to the end of the layers only to be stuck wearing a graphic tee that will offend someone or embarrass you.


Sportswear can refer to a variety of clothing items, including beach wear, shorts and even tweed jackets- depending on where you wear them. If you’re wearing a tweed jacket on a fox hunt or during a romantic hike in the woods with your beautiful girl, it qualifies. So, how do you incorporate colour into this type of clothing?

  • 1.Pay attention to what you’re purchasing. While men’s tweed jackets come in blues, greys and browns, they also come in more exciting colours like solid greens and check options with red, navy or wine. Buying a tweed jacket with additional colour incorporated into the jacket will make incorporating colour into your outfit easy.

  • 2.Add a splash of colour with your outerwear. Outerwear colour options vary and may include, corn, green, navy, sand, black and light stone.

Follow the Rule of Three

Adding colour to your wardrobe may help show off your personal sense of style, but you must do it carefully if you want to look your best. The best option is following the rule of three. This rule states that you should never use more than three different colours on one outfit, and each of those colours must compliment the others. Using four or more colours can leave the ensemble looking messy.

You can use patterns with these colours as well, but the rule of three also applies. Three patterns in total may be used with your colours, and one of them must be a solid.

As you start out, try adding one bold colour at a time and experimenting with the way it looks. As you become more comfortable, you can incorporate more colour into your wardrobe and try different colours at the same time.

Are you tired of always wearing a neutral colour with your sport wear, casual wear or business outfits? Learn how to add a pop of colour to any outfit you have with these tips.

By Brook Taverner 27 April 2017