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What to do When Your Jacket or Suit has a Hole or Tear in it

One of the biggest myths in fashion today is that if you invest in men's suits and tweed jackets and take care of them, they'll last forever. While they do tend to last a lot longer than clothing made with low-quality fabric that isn't cared for, nothing, no matter how well it is made, is immune from tears, snags, and holes. When this happens to your suits or men's tweed jackets, however, knowing what to do can save you time and money.

When Your Suits or Tweed Jackets are Torn...

If your men's suits or men's tweed jacket develops a hole, there are a couple of choices you can make.

  • Reweaving- Reweaving, known as invisible reweaving or French reweaving, involves weaving individuals threads into the original cloth. The new strands of thread fill in the hole so the suit or jacket looks as if it was never snagged or torn to begin with. This is often the best option for small tears or holes.


  • Overweaving- Also called inweaving, this technique must be performed by a professional in order to achieve optimum results. It involves placing a small patch over the hole or tear, then weaving the frayed edges of the patch into the suit so the patch is almost invisible. This option is often used when holes are too large to simply 'fill in' via reweaving.


  • Buy New- In some cases, patching a hole in a suit or tweed jacket may not be the best option. It may be too expensive, and buying a new suit for just a little more money may be easier and smarter. Other times you may have the repairs done, but they may have been done by an individual who didn't take the time to ensure the patches looked 'invisible.' Because of this, you may not want to continue wearing the suit. In either case, sometimes buying a new suit or tweed jacket is the best choice.

What to Consider Before Repairing Holes and Tears

Struggling to decide whether repairing a hole or tear in your men's tweed jacket or suit is actually worth the trouble? Consider this:

  • Darker fabric colours are most often the easiest to fix, but some reweavers may have trouble working with black men's suits.


  • The finer the weave is, the harder it will be to repair (and the more expensive the repair bill will be.)


  • Synthetics are harder to work with, but repairing holes in these fabrics isn't impossible.


  • Solid fabrics are generally easier to repair than fabrics with patterns, as the repair will only be invisible if the pattern can be matched exactly. A lot depends, though, on the pattern itself.


Repairs can be done on suits and tweed jackets with holes and tears, but it's up to you to determine if the repairs are worth the time and money. If they aren't, replace them with a jacket or men's suit from Brooktaverner.co.uk. We have a variety of men's clothing options that will fit your style and personal needs.

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