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What to Wear with a Grey Blazer: Tips for winning combinations

What to Wear with a Grey Blazer: Tips for winning combinations

No wonder why a Grey Blazer is a staple in every gentleman’s wardrobe. This is an ideal piece for an informal venue with friends, a day at the countryside, and --needless to say-- an essential item when going on holidays in style.

But the winning ticket for a great outfit can be a bit elusive as versatility equals a wide variety of options. We’ve put together some tips that will guide you to figure out what to wear with a Grey Blazer. If followed, these will let you looking stylish and sleek.


Get the tones right: timeless outfits for every season


Lighter tones of blazer are more suited for spring and summer afternoons. Darker options should be your go-to for autumn winter. However, the colours of your shirt and trousers will also “set the tone”.

For a timeless top look pair the Otley Blazer with a long sleeved Oxford Tailored Shirt and you’ll end up with a streamlined winter look. Pair this combo with a matching lighter tone of grey or blue chinos.


Grey Blazer combinations with a dash of colour


In most occasions, the tone of your trousers will match your blazer. A stylish gent though appreciates colour combinations to stand out with a price winning ensemble. If that’s you, wear a piece of knitwear on a more vibrant colour. A cherry Barnham Neck Knitwear or a damson Shirvan Slipover are the keys for a lively –and elegant—outfit.


Accessories for attaining the style of your choice


If, for example, you are preparing for a distinguished venue in the countryside with some of your peers or work colleagues, you may want to choose a blazer with casual and rustic vibes. The Cosia Diamond Quilted Blazer is a classic fit jacket that when paired with a grey Harris Tweed cap and a Lambwood Scarf will give you a solid, confident and laid-back look.


Summer holidays: Grey blazers, light textures and breezy fabrics


Summers call for evenings by the Riviera in St Tropez, Italian holidays exploring the Amalfi Coast in a sports car or –why not?—a cruise sailing the Greek Islands. The greatest season for enjoying all the best life has to offer. Your attire should be top notch as the memories from holidays last a lifetime.

Guaranteed: a Rekord Knitted Blazer, a Pique Polo Shirt, a pair of sand tone Viva Trousers and Bolton Navy Mocassins will leave your travel acquaintances in awe. Contrasting but complementary When feeling playful, get a hang of great combinations that may not seem that obvious at a first glance. You can change chinos for jeans, choose different tones of grey, get a stone coloured pair of chinos contrasting with a darker tone of Grey Blazer. Your accessories, shirts or t-shirts will give the final touches. Among the foremost fans of Grey Blazers lies a great sense of style and timeless fashion. With such a wide range of possible combinations; outfits should be, in the end, put together following the simple guidelines of colours, textures, season, and occasion and, most importantly, your personal style.