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What Your Tie Colour Says About Your Success

Remember that first interview? Did you struggle to choose just the right tie for your suit? How did you make that choice? Was it a matter of convenience? Maybe you only had two or three ties at that juncture in your life, so the decision wasn’t as difficult.

For some, especially for those who are aware of the power of colour and the meaning behind them, selecting just the right tie colour for a particular occasion comes down to a science of sorts.

I spoke to a motivational speaker who had kept records of his speeches and carefully tracked the colour of his tie at each event. Was it a success? Did it distract, motivate or draw in the attention of the crowd? So, you don’t think these things can be determined by the colour of the tie you choose? Oh, think again. Think again! You’re about to learn some very important tips that will help you send just the right message when you’re putting together your next outfit. After reading this article, you’ll never look at pairing your suit and tie the same again!

The Red Tie and Mens Suits

It’s not a coincidence that many public speakers, leaders, and politicians wear red-coloured ties with white shirts and black or navy blue suits. Traditionally, this is referred to as the ‘power suit.’

Mark Woodman is a trend analyst who studies colour in the United States. “There’s something about red that always gives off the vibe of strength and passion.” Red is proven to draw attention, to ignite us, and to arouse us. When a man wears a red tie with his power suit he is making a statement of confidence as well as dominance.

When to wear it? We suggest pairing a red tie with a dark coloured mens suit for special and formal occasions as well as business meetings. If you are the speaker at an event, this is a solid choice.

Are You Purple with Purpose?

Ross Znavor, a powerful financial services executive from New York City, prefers purple ties rather than red for important business meetings. He sees wearing purpose as showing that extra bit of self confidence. Choosing a purple tie also does well by creating a lasting first impression.

It’s a bit uncommon, less traditional. What does this say psychologically? Researchers in the field believe purple shows a few things. First, it says, “I’m comfortable in my own skin. You’ll like me. I’m powerful, yet playful. You’ll want to get to know me.” Purple is also the traditional colour for royalty and wealth.

When to wear it? Definitely pair your purple tie and dark coloured mens suit for business meetings, marketing events, and any event where you’ll want to make a lasting or memorable first impression.

Is it a Black Tie Affair?

Many executives reach for the black tie, black suit pairing. But is it the wisest choice? Psychologists say no. Formal black can come off as pretentious and slightly arrogant. It can also give you the appearance of being overdressed in many situations.

It’s important to climb the corporate ladder while still maintaining relationships with your peers and coworkers. Instead of black you may want to choose shades of grey. Grey is sophisticated and professional. It is modern and even a bit edgy. Grey ties also look great with pastel coloured shirts, which Brook Taverner has a nice selection of. This will give you a polished and finished look.

Are You Going Green?

Green can bring quite a few meanings to the table. It can signify rebirth or can give the impression of the colour of money, depending on your geographical location. But beware, green can be a bit loud for the workplace and can even have a quirky, leprechaunish feel if the shade is right. Bright green is considered to be a distracting colour and it’s also difficult to match properly with most traditional suit colours. A green tie can work if it is a muted or very light colour, and usually is best if it is a print.

Is Yellow a Cowardly Colour?

Yellow used to have a reputation for being a cowardly colour. Not so when it comes to ties. Yellow can actually make others see you as approachable. Yellow is vibrant, welcoming, and happy, like the sunshine. “It symbolizes zest for life, optimism, and a positive outlook,” says Eve Roth Lindsay, a Hong Kong based image consultant.

Be careful if your work takes you abroad. In India, a yellow tie labels you as a merchant, which isn’t always a bad thing, but still good to know.

The Safest Colour Choice? Blue

Worried about all these signals and messages? Are you looking for a tie that will work in any situation without worry? Look no further than blue. 

Because it’s a water colour and reminds people of the sky, the water, the ocean, rivers and lakes, it is a calming choice. Not only will blue make you approachable and friendly, but it will make you appear wise.

Are you ready to make a statement with your tie colour? Think about where you’ll be, what you’ll be representing, who your audience or peers are, and what message you’re trying to send. Then click on the Brook Taverner website and find the perfect match and perfect statement.

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