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Sports jackets are chosen attire when a jacket is required but a full suit would be too formal. Sports Jackets tend to be worn with chinos, jeans or more formal trousers and are great for travelling or wearing to the theatre.

Given the more casual wear of the sports jacket the fabrics used tend to be more hard wearing, these can include tweed or hound’s-tooth, but many more materials are used to given different finishes and textures. Sports jackets were originally worn for outdoor activities such as shooting or fishing but they also serve very well as a good all round jacket.

If a sports jacket is used for more heavy duty activities then the elbows and front of the shoulder often have leather patches to reduce wear in these areas.

At Brook Taverner sports jackets are available in many different colours so that they can be matched with any shirt, jumper or pair of trousers. For example the Salisbury Jacket is available in Charcoal Check, Navy Check and Oatmeal Check.

Typically every man’s wardrobe needs a selection of sports jackets to wear through each season and given the longevity of the fabrics are a very sound investment.

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