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Tales Of Positivity: Aimee Hilton

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the hardest things one can ever go through. Not only has COVID-19 caused numerous deaths all over the world but isolation measures have unfortunately meant that those in hospital are unable to be visited by friends or relatives. Thousands of people up and down the country are not only being put through the hardship of leaving a loved one but are left with the prospect of being unable to see them in hospital due to social distancing measures.

Of course, these protocols are understood, but by no means does that make it any easier. It is undoubtedly difficult to deal with such adversity in the exact same environment that NHS staff are working harder than ever in horrific conditions to combat this virus on the frontline, but one woman from Bristol provided an inspirational and heart-warming story as she hit the news in recent weeks. Aimee Hilton deservedly received national coverage for not only dealing with the loss of her father in such an inspirational way, but by then going the extra mile to help others deal with similar situations.

When her father was diagnosed with Coronavirus in March, Hilton did all she could to spend time with him in hospital but to no avail – simply by being on a Coronavirus ward would emphatically increase her chances of infection and thus the spread of the virus as a whole. Not only did she handle this tragic news with grace and humility, understanding the reasons behind the decision, but through hard work and many-a-conversation she was able to spend the last 6 hours of her fathers’ life on a videocall via iPad. These hours were spent providing comfort and support whilst allowing him to see his grandchildren.

Despite going through a horrendous time emotionally, Hilton has spent her time since her father’s death fundraising. Riding from Bristol to Cornwall with the hope to raise money for more iPads or other tablet devices for other hospitals in order to give others the same chance as she did to speak to their relatives in such a traumatic time shows wonderful strength of character and an inspiration to helping others in the most empathetic way.

At the time of writing, the JustGiving site has immensely surpassed her original target of £500 and sits at over £6,300 and anyone who would like to contribute to such a worthwhile cause can do so at the following link: