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The Importance Of Celebrating The Small Things

The Importance Of Celebrating The Small Things 


With the clocks going forward last weekend we’re sure many will be taking the lead of partaking in an evening beverage or two out in the garden, terrace or patio. Among general chitter chatter about the day and ongoing current situation, some of us may reflect on significant life events that, more than likely, are set to see plans change and birthdays, anniversaries and various other celebrations move indoors, if celebrated at all. 

Previous plans to get away to mark these kinds of momentous occasions have undoubtedly been quashed and instead it is more likely that you will be treated to the ‘Quarantine Special’. Being spoilt (for once) by the kids, partaking in several calls with family with the new House Party Application on the phone, and if you’re lucky, a lovely home-cooked (as if there was any other alternative) meal out in the garden.

It got us here at Brook Taverner thinking about the importance of sitting down and celebrating these kinds of occasions more so now than ever before as we are forced to remain inside for the foreseeable.

Whilst celebrations in times of normality generally consist of an array of family and friends collating in various eating houses and drinking holes across the UK, perhaps with the odd ‘larger’ gathering to celebrate more memorable occasions, you would be forgiven for perhaps wanting to put a pin in this year’s celebrations. Whilst physical gifts are understandably postponed as high streets quickly shut up shop and it becomes harder to order online with a suitable time-frame (something Brook Taverner are proud to continue to offer), we argue that the requirement of sitting down for a traditional home cooked meal is paramount now more than ever before.

Dress as if you are heading into town for a nice meal in the local gastro pub with members of your household. In the time it takes for that newly bought shirt to be ironed, you’ve chosen between those spring-weight and summer-weight trousers and finally donned that favourite jacket of yours that deserves more use than it usually gets, an easy-to-make, high quality meal could have been prepared. Just like that, a bog-standard Thursday can turn into the highlight of the week. 

Kick it off with a leak and potato soup, followed by a lovely tender steak (medium-rare) and topped off perfectly with a homemade Cherry Bakewell slice from the undoubtable baking session that took place earlier in the week. The suddenly-longer evening light provides just enough warmth to remain outside until sunset and a lovely glass of pinot grigio is the perfect way to move away from daily rituals and enjoy the simple of pleasures of life in an undoubtedly challenging time. 

Whilst events such as this may do nothing for your waistline, they do wonders for your mental health. The ability to enjoy company is potentially our greatest asset in a time where we may well be cooped up in our houses for months on end. We recommend making the most of these moments and celebrating the small things that present themselves. If nothing else, we think you’ll find that whilst your day-to-day lifestyle may have altered drastically over the past couple of weeks, special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, cannot and should not be put on hold.

The importance of celebrating these occasions shouldn’t be forgotten, if not just to provide something small to look forward to as days start to become rather monotonous and we become more and more prone to boredom. It may be that whilst there may be a lack of non-traditional occasions to commemorate, new ones can be created. One ‘out there’ solution to looking for something to celebrate came in the form of some friends of Brook Taverner who have opted to partake in an event every Sunday... They are starting with Christmas this week with plans to welcome Pancake Day, Easter and St Georges Day in the coming weeks with outfits and decorations brought down from the attic and appropriate food waiting in the fridge! 

Of course, this may not be everybody’s cup of tea but a designated cinema night consisting of some oven-prepped popcorn and a couple of Hitchcock classics will certainly do the trick. Another friend recently confessed that he spent his Saturday in black tie attire in his kitchen as a suitable alternative for ‘Date Night’ – certainly what works for one may not work for all but it is fascinating to hear the inventiveness of people from all corners of the globe that’s for sure! 

As we may well be expected to say, we would suggest finding time to ensure that all aspects of the wardrobe are in use. Don’t let a fantastic new purchase go to waste and wear it with pride no matter the circumstances. If there isn’t that garment in your wardrobe, then perhaps look online for a new one. When will we have this amount of time on our hands again? Celebrating something and everything provides the long-sought after opportunity to put those clothes to good use without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Positivity is key in situations such as this one and, from our experience, this comes from making the most of the little moments and doing things that you haven’t done before. Certainly, if nothing else, don’t let opportunities pass you by – especially any potential festivities that present themselves. 

Continue looking after yourselves.

The Brook Taverner Team