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What to wear to a job interview

What to wear to a job interview: A Guide to Success

If you are reading this maybe it’s because you are a go-getter and you are not keen to just sit
and wait for the right opportunity to land on your lap. If that’s true, you will finally have the
chance to show why you are the best candidate for the job. Follow these simple guidelines that
will help you understand what to wear to a job interview.


Beyond What to Wear: Ask Yourself the Right Questions

When assessing how to put together the outfit for your job interview, there are some key
things you want to ask yourself.

It’s not just the dress code. What’s the company’s vision?

You should not only research what the required etiquette is for the company. Take it a step
further and interpret their business vision as a whole. Translate that to what you’ll be wearing.

Some classic suits will never fail though, you may want to get a Beaumont Classic
together with a Tailored Fit Formal shirt and a Navy Silk Tie

What are the company’s core values?


If let’s say, you are going to be interviewed for at a corporation that’s very conservative, your
attire will have to reflect that. This is not about giving up on your personal style, but being
flexible to adapt. This said, adding details that will help you present yourself with confidence is
very important as well.

What image do you want to project?

This may seem obvious, but you should dig a bit deeper and actually answer this question.
Maybe confidence is the first thing that comes to your mind, but what about seeming –and
being—assertive, professional and willing to actually make a difference at the workplace?

Take in consideration you should always be true to your own core values. Keep in mind your
outfit will be a reflection of that.

6 mistakes to avoid when deciding what to wear

Once you have all the answers to your questions and a solid idea of what to wear to your job
interview, focus on making smart choices.


Avoiding some pretty basic but quite harmful mistakes is paramount as the overall impression
you’ll cause will be a consequence of your whole look: a great hairstyle with a baggy suit won’t
do the trick.

Too trendy means it will be outdated quite soon

Go for the classics. If you want to stand out and make a statement do so by choosing a
staggering set of cufflinks or an elegant handkerchief

Quality that’s not up to standards

It’s better to have one good suit rather than many of average quality, more so if that’s part of
the company’s office attire. It’s important not to underestimate how important this can be.
You don’t want to come across as unprepared or unpreoccupied.

Your outfit looks too tight, too loose, has lumps or pleats

If you’ve lost or put on any weight, or if you’ve had the same suit for many years, it will
probably look sloppy.

Your suit should accompany your movements; it needs to look great when you walk into your
interviewer’s office, when you leave it and when you are sitting. This also applies to your jacket
and your shirt.

Not trying your entire outfit beforehand

When being interviewed, you need to exude confidence and look neat. If you just bought a
brand new suit, shirt, tie and all sorts of accessories, you must make sure you feel great when
wearing them. Try the whole outfit and target if there’s anything else that will make it stand
out even more.

Not getting advice when purchasing

This is an important opportunity in your life. Get a second opinion when making big wardrobe
decisions, have your garments tailored by an expert, and make sure you make the most of
your purchasing experience.

Choosing the wrong shoes

Finally, crown your ensemble with an elegant pair of shoes. Many gentlemen don’t have this in
consideration, which is plainly said: a mistake.

The Black Windsor shoes are ideal for a formal occasion. Cheney Brown with Rubber sole will work perfectly if you go for a more casual look.

In the end, staying mindful of what to wear for your job interview and being ready for success is a combination made of many small details. Getting a haircut that suits your face shape, having your nails looking neat, finding the right fragrance can be game changers. All these together with your outfit and your attitude will make a big difference when it’s time to decide if you are the perfect fit for the company.