For First Time Brook Taverner Purchaser's

If you are a new customer then there are two options.

1. Place an order for the Walton Suit via our off the shelf website here


This will be for fit purposes only and as we offer free postage and free returns you will not incur any costs. Once you have established the exact fit of your garment then follow the above points.

2. Alternatively visit one of our stockists who have all the knowledge and experience to ensure that you select tailoring requirements are answered in full.

Ordering a suit could not be easier

1. Select a cloth that you require

2. Select the jacket style that you require

3. Select the size jacket you require

4. Select the lining that you require

5. Select the trouser style that you require

6. Select the trouser size your require

Existing Brook Taverner Customers

If you are an existing customer to Brook Taverner and have purchased a suit, jacket, waistcoat or trouser from our ‘off the peg’ range then all you need to do is to follow the easy steps on this website to make your individually tailored, made-to-measure garment. To start, make sure that you have checked your existing measurements in either your previously purchased garments or you can also access all your historical information by logging into your account . If you are still unsure and want to go through the steps on the telephone, then please call us on 0800 915 0500 where we have access to past records and can go through all the details carefully.


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