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Confidence Begins With Your Shirt

Our Brook Taverner shirts are meticulously designed to provide the perfect form under our suit jackets. A well-fitted classic fit shirt will elevate the suit and tie worn with it, making you feel your confident best. Understanding how to get the right fit for your body type and sense of style will serve a man well whether he is on his way to the office or an evening on the town.

Shirt Collar and Shoulder Seams

A well-fitted shirt collar should allow for one finger between the neck and the collar. Shoulder seams should meet directly at the corner of your shoulder bone.

Classic Fit Shirt Sleeve Length

For the perfect fit, the sleeve of your shirt should fall where your wrist meets your hand when arms are resting at your side. To achieve this, be sure the sleeve itself is long enough to reach beyond the wrist while the cuff circumference is tight enough to prevent the sleeve from slipping to the back of the hand.


Classic Fit Shirt Torso

The midsection of your shirt is one of the most important areas. When it fits properly you’ll still look polished, even when your suit jacket is removed. For the classic fit, the torso is more roomy, but should never be sloppy. If you can pull more than 4 inches of fabric away from your body, the shirt is too big.

Classic Fit Shirt Features

  • 1Collar should have a finger space when fully buttoned
  • 2Armholes are high enough to allow movement without restricting motion
  • 3Shoulder seam meets the edge of your shoulder
  • 4Sleeve falls to where wrist meets hand
  • 5Cuffs should be tight enough to prevent the sleeve from slipping too far down
  • 6Torso shouldn’t give more than 3-4 inches of fabric when pulled away from body
  • 7Classic fit shirts may vary in length but should be long enough to tuck in without pulling out of waistband when arms are raised chest high.

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