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About the Classic Fit Jacket

Our classic fit jackets are traditional and timeless. Roomy and comfortable, this style transcends trends and fashion, remaining the right choice for any occasion.

Classic Fit Jacket Sleeve Length

Sleeves on your suit jackets and blazers should always fall between a quarter inch and three-quarters of an inch above your shirt sleeves. Anything longer, will take away from the polished look of a classic fit.

Classic Fit Jacket Shoulders and Closure

The classic fit suit jacket is cut generously for a comfortable yet elegant fit across the shoulders, chest and torso. Although roomy, be sure the jacket is not too large. Shoulder seam should meet the sleeve of the suit right where your arm meets your shoulder and the jacket should close without pulling.


Classic Fit Jacket Length

The classic fit jacket length is slightly longer than the tailored jacket and the lapel is standard width.

Classic Fit Jacket Features

  • 1Standard Lapel
  • 2Cut wider for a strong shoulder line
  • 3Less tapering of the sleeves than the tailored fit jacket
  • 4Extra room across the chest and back for ease of movement
  • 5Classic jacket length reaches the end of your fingertips
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Tailored Fit Jackets

About the Tailored Fit Jacket

A tailored fit jacket will follow the natural flow of your body without being too snug or too loose. Trying on your jacket, look for a good fit while in your natural stance. A proper fit is shaped from the neck to the chest and shoulders to drape without wrinkles from tension. This allows the jacket to move freely with your body.

Tailored Fit Jacket Shoulders and Closure

A well-fitted shoulder lies flat and the shoulder seam should meet the sleeve of the suit right where your arm meets your shoulder. The button should close easily without pulling and the two sides should meet neatly without flaring or hanging forward off your body.

Tailored Fit Jacket Sleeves

Your jacket sleeve should rest just above the large bone in the wrist and at least a small band of the shirt cuff should always be visible.


Tailored Fit Jacket Length

The tailored fit jacket is slightly shorter than the classic fit. This smart look is perfect with the slimmer suit style. It gives you an overall clean, contemporary, and streamlined look.

Tailored Fit Jacket Features

  • 1A slightly narrower, sleeker, notched lapel
  • 2Higher arm holes provide a cleaner, trimmer silhouette
  • 3A closer cut and more tapering of the sleeves
  • 4A snugger fit across the torso follows the natural shape of your body
  • 5Slightly lower button stance elongates the body, complementing all body types
  • 6Contemporary, slightly shorter jacket length