Can I change or cancel my order?

Depending on how long after your order was placed we can make alterations or cancellations but there will be costs involved. The amount of cost will be determined by the stage of the order.

Do you provide a fit guarantee?

All customers who are measured in-store receive a fit guarantee. For those who order online unfortunately we cannot accept any fit imperfections unless they are a caused by a Brook Taverner error

Can I get myself measured?

There are two ways to get yourself measured

1). Do it yourself online

2). In one of our recommended stockists

However, if you are an existing customer to Brook Taverner and have purchased a suit, jacket, waistcoat or trouser then all you need to do is to go to our website and follow the easy steps. Make sure that you have checked your existing measurements in either your garment or in your account details . If you want to go through this on the telephone, then please call us on 0800 915 0500 where we have access to past records and can go through all the details carefully.

If you are a new customer then there are two options. Place and order via our website for a suit, jacket, waistcoat or trouser. This will be for fit purposes only and as we offer free postage and free returns you will not incur any costs. Once you have established the exact fit of your garment then follow the above points. Alternatively visit one of our stockists who have all the knowledge and experience to ensure that you select tailoring requirements are answered in full.

How does it all work?

Ordering is simple:

1 . Select a cloth that you require

2 . Select the jacket that you require

3 . Select the lining that you require

4 . Select the trouser that you require

5 . Select the size the you require

How long does it take to get my suit?

The delivery of your suit will take between 6-8 weeks

How will I know that my online order has been received?

When we receive your online order, we’ll send you an e-mail confirming your order number and giving a link to details of the garments you’ve chosen.

What happens if I give the wrong measurements?

If you realise that you have given the wrong measurements then please contact us asap and we will endeavour to make the necessary alterations. If thesuit has not been cut then there will be no additional cost. Any extra costs incurred will depend at what stage of the manufacturing process the suit currently stands

Once you have submitted your order to our tailors, your order is personally checked by your tailor, and if a particular measurement seems unusual, we check it with you before continuing your order.

If the suit is delivered and you require further alterations then there will be an extra cost depending on what you require altering. This of course will be kept to an absolute minimum. If any measurement error is the fault of Brook Taverner then there will of course be no charge. We want you to return and buy again so will do everything possible to give you a satisfactory resolution.

What if I need alterations to my suit?

We are extremely proud of our high level of tailoring accuracy, but we are happy to tweak your suit if required. There will be the possibility of an extra charge depending on how large the alterations are but we want you to return and buy again so will do everything possible to give you a satisfactory resolution.

When do I pay?

You pay for your suit when you place your order but no money will be taken from your account until the suit has been despatched. Your order will not be processed unless you have agreed to our terms and conditions.

How do I know when my suit is ready?

You will be notified by email at the time of dispatch that your suit has been shipped. However, you can always contact our sales team on 0800 0915 0500 who will be able to tell you when delivery will take place.

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