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<p>Tailors have been making suits for men for centuries and the modern   lounge suit was originally fashioned in the seventeenth century. This   was the time when suits for men became less extravagant and moved away   from the bejewelled creations that high society men wore at the time.   Suits for men became more like the modern lounge suit as men sort out   something that was more comfortable.</p>
<p>Men&rsquo;s suits often have two vents, minimal shoulder padding and a   slight tapper on the sides. This compares with an Italian suits which   has more of a V shape cut and much more padding in the shoulders. More   casual than the above two is the American suit which traditionally only   has one vent. However today suits for men come in all shapes and sizes   and are worn for many different types of occasions which call for   different cuts and fabrics.</p>
<p>The type of fabrics that are used in suits for men are often made   from wool or wool blends. The main two yarns used are worsteds and   woollens. Given the versatility of these materials they can be woven   using many different techniques to give different finishes, textures and   strengths.</p>
<p>In summer, linen is a popular choice for weddings and travelling.   Modern day suits for men also use a lot of other materials to change the   look and feel including silk, cashmere and synthetic materials.</p>
<p>Brook Taverner have many styles of suits to choose from and all   signs suggest mens suits will be fashionable for a long time to come, so   why not add a different suit to your wardrobe today!</p>
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