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The Bridge Between Classic and Slim

The cut of the tailored trouser has a slightly shorter rise and less fabric. It’s purpose is to slim down the classic fit, providing a more streamlined appearance but is not as snugly fitting as the slim fit trousers. Tailored fit can be considered the bridge between classic and slim fit trousers.

Tailored Fit Trouser Waist

Along with the classic fit, the tailored fit waistband is just above the hips and should button comfortably without being too tight. Trousers should not need a belt to stay in place but two fingers should comfortably fit between skin and waistband on either side of the hips.

Tailored Fit Trouser Hem

The hem of the tailored fit has the option of a full or half break, also called a medium break. The bottom of the pant leg touches the shoe and slightly creases (or breaks) just above.


Tailored Fit Trouser Leg

Tailored fit trousers are more tapered throughout the leg to the hemline to provide a more streamlined appearance without being quite as snug as the slim fit trouser.

Tailored Fit Trouser Features

  • 1Waistband sits just above the hips
  • 2Can be flat front or pleated
  • 3Legs taper to the hemline for a slimmer line than the classic fit
  • 4Pockets should lay flat and not pull
  • 5Trouser hem can break once or have a half break before the top of the shoe

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